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Textile Patterns and Fabric Arts

We offer textile pattern development with from the ground up illustrations set into repeating prints. Print design services also include modification of existing art to meet production specifications and alternative colorways. We have experience developing prints for both the domestic and international markets. Other fabric art projects include garment specific artwork, t-shirt screens, embroidery design and quilts.

Below are examples of textile patterns, quilts and garment specific art creations.

Cowboy Boot Quilt

My first quilt designed from the block up!

Cowboy Boot Block Pattern Now Available (PDF format) from my personal website:

I had made a pair of cowboy booties as a shower gift and wanted to follow up with a cowboy boot quilt. I searched through pattern books and online shops and didn’t find any patterns for blocks that I liked. I found many that were appliqué and some that were close, but non that really were the cowboy boot I envisioned. So, necessity being the catalyst for invention, I got to work and designed my own block.

Once I had the pattern designed I spent a good deal of time deciding what fabrics to use. I had some baby-wale corduroy in various colors and decided that was the perfect base for the boot toes and heals. This does add a level of complexity to cutting the fabric since you need to make sure you have both the wale and the pile oriented correctly. I love the texture it lends to the boots – both tactile and visual. For the background around each boot I chose matching colors of tiny check fabric, which being lighter in weight necessitated care while sewing and directional pressing. The fabrics for the main part of each boot were selected for color, scale and whimsy. I ended up have a couple fabrics that were scene based and others that were tossed patterns which I think adds to the charm.

Once I had completed the piecing of all the boot blocks I decided to quilt each block separately so as to be able to give different patterns to each boot. The sashing was added using quilt-as-you-go techniques, which again allowed for detail stitching.

The images show the boot quilt front, block back and then close up details from each side.

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Quilt for Bridget and Lyman

Always great when I finish a quilting project ahead of schedule! This quilt, made as a wedding gift, was actually done before the wedding and yes, I gifted it prior to writing this.

This was the first time I used the “stack and whack” method to cut pieces for the blocks and I have to say I love the process. It is a pretty free form way of making a quilt and leads to some interesting interactions at block intersections.

One of the fabrics had these great flowers that I cut out and used as appliques in a random arrangement over the blocks.

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Posted in Textile Patterns and Fabric Arts by alice