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Frosted Skates

Once again I had the opportunity to create a poster for our local roller derby team, the Blue Ridge Rollergirls. As I’ve noted before, I love creating their posters! They give me a theme and let me know what copy and partner logos are to be included and then let me at it.

When Drag’n SlayHer told me the theme was “Frosted Skates” my mind thought of punning off Frosted Flakes, but Celeste had done an excellent “Lucky Charms” poster not too long ago so it seemed a little too soon to do another. Frosty the Snowman seemed kinda clunky. Then I thought of the Hans Christian Anderson tale The Snow Queen – perfect, I thought – combined with sort of a Narnia White Witch image. I set about sketching, but it just wasn’t working. I couldn’t get the roller derby energy into an ice queen.

To make a long story short, after digging around the internet and thumbing through lots of books at the library, I came around to the X-Men character, Emma Frost. Now that is PERFECT. She is tough, icy, and well, her name is Frost so we end up with a pun after all.

The illustration came together nicely and I got to use some of my cool Alien Skin Photoshop filters to create icicles on the type.

Seems to me Emma Frost would make an excellent rollergirl. I’d get out of her way.

Sibling Rivalry BRRG Poster

Yeah, I love creating posters for the Blue Ridge Rollergirls (BRRG)!

This time, a double header with the theme “Sibling Rivalry.”

When Drag’n SlayHer told me the theme I immediately pictured two young girls being, well, as sisters can be, bratty. Perfect for my children’s book illustration style.

So, some time at the drawing table, some coloring on the computer, some fun with type and a poster came to life. Well, actually two – one tabloid size and one letter size (shown).

Want to know more about BRRG? Visit them online at and come out to the bout on April 24th. I recommend picking up your tickets early, saves you some $ and time in line, giving more time for cheering.

And for you fans out there, who do you think was the inspiration for the young BRRG?