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Product Enhancements

Design services related to products and dimensional design include: packaging, garment artwork, signs and banners. We have also worked on specialized projects such as the aesthetic pattern for a noise barrier wall and the decorative elements for a concertina.

Below are examples of our work specific to products and dimensional designs.

Essential Journeys Liquid Soap Label

Essential Journey’s liquid soap labels coordinate with the lotion label designs done previously. Color palettes, floral illustration elements and main brand pieces were retained, but the design focus was changed to give a distinctive feel to these labels. The goal, to coordinate, but not confuse products, especially with the Grapefruit Splash which is available both as a lotion and a liquid soap.

The bike diva illustration is close cropped on these labels to show just her head and shoulders vs. the full length image on the lotion labels. Also the background image is mostly solid with a few floral elements rather then a full vine pattern.

Another key change was using the sun ray pattern along the top, where as on the lotion labels the tonal leaf pattern is shown along the top.

Like the lotion labels, the idea was to create a template style that could easily be updated by swapping out colors to fit with new scents as Essential Journey’s expands their line of liquid soaps.

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Illustrations for Roly Poly Garments

Banana bike illustration on t-shirt. Photo courtesy Roly Poly Crafts.

I just competed a series of line drawings for Roly Poly Crafts to screen print on garments: t-shirts, baby one-pieces, diaper covers and the like. Roly Poly owner, Ruth, has a wonderful sense of hip nostalgia in the selection of images she asked me to draw for her. The illustration style is line art, with no shading, designed to be printed in one color.

Illustrations include a banana seat bicycle, high top sneakers, a prancing unicorn, a folk/country singer, iconic trees, and “Mixed Tape” cassette.

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