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Illustrations for Roly Poly Garments

Banana bike illustration on t-shirt. Photo courtesy Roly Poly Crafts.

I just competed a series of line drawings for Roly Poly Crafts to screen print on garments: t-shirts, baby one-pieces, diaper covers and the like. Roly Poly owner, Ruth, has a wonderful sense of hip nostalgia in the selection of images she asked me to draw for her. The illustration style is line art, with no shading, designed to be printed in one color.

Illustrations include a banana seat bicycle, high top sneakers, a prancing unicorn, a folk/country singer, iconic trees, and “Mixed Tape” cassette.

View more images and shop Roly Poly Crafts at Etsy:

Roly Poly Crafts – School Fundraiser

Roly Poly Sandwich Bags come in fun prints and are dishwasher safe and machine washable.

Roly Poly Crafts creates “Reusable Solutions for an In-disposable World” including really cool alternatives to plastic bags for taking snacks and lunches on the go. In our household, Hugh uses these everyday to take lunch to work, and I have found they are super handy for keeping toiletries and small essentials from being loose all over the bottom of your bag.

Roly Poly Crafts is the brainchild of Ruth Gavin who started making reusable diapers and diaper covers for her first son. Since then she has expanded her line to include snack bags, wraps, blankies and fun shirts (more on these in another post). Visit her website or Etsy page for more details and online ordering.

So how am I involved? I created her logo and support materials which include business cards, product hang tags and sales displays.

The most recent item I worked on for her was a school fundraiser flyer. Ruth thought that perhaps schools would like to have a fundraiser option for really useful items – items that would be economical, environmentally responsible and support a small business. So she is offering Snack Bags, Sandwich Bags and Wraps in a variety of fun fabrics where 30% of the sale is retuned to the school – cool!

Download the fundraiser pdf form here: RolyPoly-SchoolFundraiser
Posted September 2011. Connect with Roly Poly directly to see if this offer is still in effect.