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Economic Development Coalition Reports – Arts

Arts & Culture is the fourth brochure in the Economic Development Coalition (EDC) of Asheville-Buncombe County series of focus reports I’ve designed. It is the largest to-date and allowed me to play the most with layout features.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this series of pieces all work together, yet each piece needs to reflect the personality of the individual subject matter – in this case arts and culture of the Asheville region. We needed to pack a lot of content into eight pages but still keep it vibrant. I had lots of fun using graphic elements and color blocks to separate copy, highlight stories, quotes and data points. With only space for a few images it was key that those images be compelling and fit closely with the content to enhance the story of arts in our area. Fortunately in an area so strong in the arts I had great images to select from.

Below you can preview the Arts & Culture focus report.
Please note: on iPads you will need to scroll down and select the “Open publication” link to view example. (We hope this technical glitch is remedied soon. Thanks for understanding.)

Open publication - Free publishing - More arts

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For more information on the work of the EDC, please visit their website.

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