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YWCA: Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women

Click image to view pdf.

Click image to view pdf.

As we near the YWCA Stand Against Racism day on April 29, 2011 it seems appropriate to post some images from the poster project I worked on in celebration of 100 years of the YWCA in Asheville.

As part of their centennial celebration, the YWCA in Asheville gathered information and images to make a series of posters commemorating the important work they have done and continue to do in our community to eliminate racism and empower women.

In total eleven posters were made.
The areas of focus were:

  • E.Thelma Caldwell & the YWCA Boosters
  • The Central YWCA in Asheville, Where it All Began
  • Nurturing Children
  • Eliminating Racism in Asheville
  • Eliminating Racism at the YWCA
  • Health & Wellness
  • General History of the YWCA
  • History of the Phyllis Wheatley Branch
  • History of the South French Broad Avenue Location
  • Guiding Teens
  • Empowering Women

The two posters on Eliminating Racism are shown above as examples. I encourage you to click on the images for larger pdf views so you can read the copy (please note, poster copy and images are copyright to the YWCA). For more information on the YWCA in Asheville, please visit their site at

Thank you for taking a Stand Against Racism.

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